Web design, logos and your brand

Recently I’ve had conversations with a lot of potential clients that go a little something like this: “Oh no, I don’t need a logo. Can you just put the words in a nice font and make them sort of sit on top of one another, add some color, and maybe add like a shape or a swoosh or something….?” To which I respond, “Sure… you mean a LOGO?”

Here’s the thing to remember about logos. Even if your company name is just written in a regular font, very simple, no color, that’s STILL a logo. It’s still a choice, and it represents you as a company in a visual way. And enough time should be given to that process as is required.

Think about it, it’s your company name. Why short-change yourself when it comes to presenting your company? You certainly wouldn’t short-change your customers when it comes to your own product or service would you? I should hope not. So why cut corners when it comes to the very first thing that people see and that represents you as a company?

Some design agencies can charge a lot of money for the logo design process, and so I understand the hesitance on some people’s part, especially if they’re on a small budget. But don’t tell me you “don’t need a logo.” Unless you already have one, you do need one. And very often your entire web design will revolve around the professional look and feel of that logo.

So take the time to create a good looking logo that represents you and your company. It doesn’t have to add a bank-breaking budget to your web design project, but it will most certainly be worth the added time and energy you give to it.

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